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TODAY marks the fourth anniversary of the now infamous “Ed Balls” tweet by Shadow Chancellor and Labour parliamentary candidate, Ed Balls.

The Labour shadow minister accidentally tweeted his name on this day four years ago while reportedly attempting to search for tweets mentioning him.

Although not a Bank Holiday or day of religious observance of the ilk of Christmas et al, Ed Balls Day has been taken to the hearts of many with the Twittersphere feeling particularly festive today. Here are 12 of the day’s best celebratory tweets. Merry Ed Balls Day, everyone.

1. @J_S_Docherty

Sorry everyone expecting an #EdBallsDay card. I just think it’s too commercialised now. The John Lewis advert was the final straw

2. @f5f5f5

Hmm. Dressing up in funny suits & giving e-cards may be fun, but we are in danger of forgetting the true meaning of #EdBallsDay

3. @DanPurdue

Be careful, kids - if you stand in front of a mirror today and chant Ed Balls’ name, he will appear behind you and join in. #EdBallsDay

4. @nmbrown

Lights out, pretend you’re not in. It’s those pesky Ed Balls carol singers again #EdBallsDay

5. @EuclidianBoxes

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to work on #EdBallsDay

6. @jhphaynes

Apparently Ed Balls’s middle name is Shoulderskneesand #EdBallsDay

7. @ice_crystal

If the royal baby is born on #EdBallsDay, do they have to give it to him? Or just name it after him, i.e Princess EdwinaBalls?

8. @TheGoffster

Leaving office early, on the way home to spend time with family, drinking tea and eating hobnobs - that is the true spirit of #EdBallsDay

9. @MartineAlexis

So busy putting up my decorations and making the special dinner for #EdBallsDay I almost forget to share greetings! Happy Day all! x

10. @colinwfarquhar

Never before have we all held such a feeling of unity. A feeling of...socialism. #EdBallsDay

11. @GrumpyGreyhead

#EdBallsDay has become so commercialised these days.

12. @puntofisso

Can we get @UKLabour to add this pledge: “To make #EdBallsDay a Bank Holiday”?


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