Oasis, Murrayfield

Oasis ****, Murrayfield MURRAYFIELD might have been the official venue for the only Scottish leg of Oasis' biggest open air UK tour yesterday but in reality it was the entire city of Edinburgh that was their stage as an Oasis-fuelled festival fever hit the streets.

With a trail of revelry snaking back from the stadium all the way to Haymarket station and beyond, the band that called themselves the "Biggest in Britain" all those years ago proved that when it comes to rocking out a stadium, no-one else comes close.

Fans came from north, south, east and west; some middle-aged veterans with a decade of concerts under their belts, others fresh-faced first timers who could barely remember Brit Pop but were all completely "Mad Ferrit"!

Doors opened at 4pm and as if on cue the sun finally broke through the clouds to beckon in the early starters and whip up the festivities. Noel Gallagher has been outspoken about the band's refusal to play Glastonbury this year but when your own line-up can create an all-day, al fresco buzz that spills out into the streets, who needs Glastonbury? Oasistock has landed!

The meaty, shouty, northern(ish) line-up kicked off with Coventry rockers the Enemy, cutting their usual snarling sing-along figure and the perfect rock 'n' roll appetiser to start the day. Those fans who could stand the enormous queues washed the Enemy down with a warm beer and camped out on the grass or basked in the sun to pass the time between courses.

Oasistock then welcomed Kasabian to the stage. Proteges of Oasis who are building a fan base that comes close to rivalling their hosts, there couldn't have been a more perfect second act without bringing the Stone Roses or the Beatles back from the dead.

But at the end of the day this was all about Oasis and when the opening chords to F****** in the Bushes kicked out over the gargantuan sound system, it was like all those years of concerts had been rolled into one enormous, all-you-can-eat rock' n' roll feast.

Going to an Oasis gig is like riding a bike, you don't need to have listened to the tunes in years to still remember all the words. Songs like Live Forever, Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova were belted out by the crowd in perfect Gallagher imitation swagger, as a sea of arms reached upwards towards the setting sun.

Let's not forget that Oasis had a (double platinum) album out last year and they made sure that their newest tunes got the airing they deserved, although Noel did have a little tongue-in-cheek dig at the album's inability to score a number one hit.

Songs like The Importance of Being Idle bridged the gap between old and new, with the Beatles' psychedelic I am a Walrus keeping the purists happy at the end.

As is typical of the gigs of such a prolific and iconic band, the best bit was difficult to pin down. With so many hits, a glut of albums and 15 years of sold-out concerts, every fan has their own favourite Oasis moment. Like Knebworth and Loch Lomond before it, though, it's certain that Murrayfield 2009 will be remembered by many as the best bit in their own personal Oasis Hall of Fame.