Nude Toys R Us rampage man ‘may not be fit to stand trial’

A MAN who allegedly ran naked through a busy toy store before picking up and abducting a six-year-old boy and battering his grandmother with a cricket bat may be mentally unfit to stand trial, a court was told today.

The incident occurred at the Dundee branch of Toys R Us. File picture: Danny Lawson

Przemyslaw Kaluzny faces a total of 13 charges over an alleged series of incidents on Easter Sunday - including a nude rampage through the toy store.

But Dundee Sheriff Court heard today that Kaluzny may be unable to stand trial due to mental illness.

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A pre-trial hearing heard that two psychiatrists for the defence have found him to be suffering a psychotic illness.

Nicola Brown, defending, said: “The conclusion of these doctors is that he is unfit to instruct his solicitors, unfit to stand trial and would be unable to follow the proceedings.

“I visited him in hospital last week and was unable to take instructions.”

Kaluzny is first alleged to have stolen a mobile phone and baseball bat from a neighbour’s flat before intentionally exposing his genitals to her by removing his clothing and lying on her bed.

Kaluzny is then said to have stolen a car key from the flat before taking and driving away a Renault Laguna car from outside the flat in Dundee’s Watson Street.

He is then alleged to have driven the motor from the Baxter Park area of the city to the Kingsway Retail Park without insurance and without a licence.

A further charge alleges that he had an offensive weapon - namely the bat - with him in public.

Prosecutors say Kaluzny then went into the Toys R Us store and behaved in a threatening and abusive manner by removing his clothing until he was naked, shouting, brandishing the bat, struggling violently with staff and customers and placed those staff and customers in a state of fear and alarm.

Kaluzny is further accused of an offence of public indecency by moving through the store whilst naked.

The 41-year-old is then alleged to have abducted a six-year-old boy, who cannot be named, by grabbing his arm, dragging him along the ground, picking him up and continuing to hold him and taking him from the shop against his will.

Kaluzny then allegedly assaulted the boy’s 67-year-old grandmother by striking her on the head with a cricket bat to her injury.

A final charge alleges that he wilfully destroyed property belonging to another while he was being transported from the store to Dundee’s police HQ in that he snapped the plastic casing and metal connecting bar of a pair of police handcuffs.

Kaluzny, 41, of Watson Street, Dundee, entered no plea to the charges during his first public appearance on the charges at Dundee Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Alistair Carmichael continued the case to a further hearing next week for further medical information to be obtained by the Crown.

He said: “This may have a bearing on whether this matter can proceed to trial or whether it will proceed by way of an examination of the facts.”