Nicola Sturgeon ‘preparing to call Indyref2 this year’ claims David Mundell

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According to David Mundell, Nicola Sturgeon will call a second independence referendum in the autumn.

The Scottish secretary made the claim in the handbook for the Scottish Conservative Conference, which takes place in Aberdeen this week.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

In his “Westminster Political Report” to party members he claimed that the First Minister was “already back to her old tricks”

“I fear we will face a fresh call for a vote on leaving the UK in the months ahead,” he said.

Writing in the handbook he claimed that another vote on Scottish independence was not far off writing: “Those victories in June stopped Nicola Sturgeon’s dash for a second referendum in its tracks.

“It was the prize that many of those who voted for us wanted most.

A pro-independence campaign in Glasgow

A pro-independence campaign in Glasgow

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“But I have been dismayed - though not surprised - that she is already back to her old tricks.

“I fear we will face a fresh call for a vote on leaving the UK in the months ahead but I remain as determined as ever to fight back and stand up for the majority of Scots who dread another, damaging bout of constitutional skirmishing.

“Now is the time to pull together, to focus on the most important facing the UK: securing the best possible deal as we leave the EU.

“Not forcing another unwanted independence referendum on the people of Scotland.”

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Despite resetting the second referendum timeline, the First Minister has promised to update Holyrood of her plans in October.

Previously, the First Minister has said a second referendum is “likely” before her mandate expires in 2021 but admitted that there was no timescale or plan at the time.

However, according to Mr Mundell he believes that the First Minister will be pushing for one soon, even if it is not secured by Westminster.

Mr Mundell said in June he could see “no circumstances” in which a second independence referendum would be allowed before the 2021 Scottish election stating that it would be “unfair on the people of Scotland” before Brexit had played out.

According to the Herald, Mr Mundell also praised Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson as “Scotland’s most popular politician” stating that the party was “lucky to have her”.

And the Scottish Tory leader also touched on the prospect of a second independence referendum saying that the SNP were failing.

In her message she focused on declining standards in health and education and that the SNP government were failing.

She said: “All of this is taking place under the shadow of Nicola Sturgeon’s threat to put Scotland through another independence referendum. Scotland deserves better than this.”

Ruth Davidson also took aim at SNP MPs down south saying the 13 Scots Tory MPs had “in less than a year in Westminster achieved more for Scotland than the SNP”

The Scottish Conservative leader is due to speak on Friday which is likely to eclipsed by Mrs May’s speech outlining the UK government’s plan for Brexit.