Nick Cave launches latest novel in Capital

NICK Cave has made a rare appearance in Edinburgh to launch the new edition of his latest novel, The Death of Bunny Munro.

The Australian polymath read to a sellout crowd at Edinburgh literary club night Irregular on Thursday, as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The controversial novel has received huge critical acclaim and was lauded for its innovative audio and digital editions.

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The relationship between father and son, one of the key themes of the book, was the focus of his readings.

Cave said: "The boy is only nine and thinks his father is the best dad in the world. Nothing will dissuade him of this. The more despicable the behaviour of the key character becomes, the more he is loved for it."

The star said the idea of paternal hero worship was one that had particular interest for him.

"My father always thought to write a book was where it was at, and to sing rock'n'roll was definitely not," he said. "He died quite soon before I wrote my first book. Basically it was written for him."