Newborn named after Hibs legend weighs 11lb 8oz

Stuart and Fiona with their new son Stuart. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Stuart and Fiona with their new son Stuart. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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IT was the perfect delivery – swift, clinical and finished off in some style by the “big man”.

Hefty Hibee-to-be Stuart George Turnbull Pearson was born weighing a whopping 11 pounds eight ounces, astonishing midwives who said he was the city’s “biggest baby for 15 years”.

He is already filling out baby Hibs strips designed for four month olds.

His pacey arrival into the world followed an anxious wait during which time his football mad dad Stuart Pearson queued for cup final tickets for four hours as girlfriend Fiona lay five days overdue.

He was finally born on May 7, 11 days after his due date, after Fiona, 35, was induced.

She gave birth to the not-so-wee man naturally, with just gas and air to numb the pain, after he arrived too quickly for an epidural.

She said: “I had asked for one, but I didn’t have time to get it. Two or three pushes later and he was here.

“As soon as he came out, the nurses were running to find the scales, they said he was massive.

“We weren’t that surprised because I was huge during the pregnancy, I was ridiculously big. My other boys were 9lb 9oz and 9lb 14oz so I suppose I’m used to having big babies, but this labour was easier than both of those. He’s doing great now – on the first night he slept all the way through, he’s lovely.”

The mum-of-three did not have any cravings throughout her pregnancy and actually lost weight as she carried him.

She said: “I didn’t have much of an appetite during the pregnancy, it was Stuart that had the cravings.

“Stuart was eating pizza like it was going out of fashion and he’s ended up being the one to put weight on during the pregnancy.

“I think baby Stuart’s definitely going to be a daddy’s boy. He sleeps a lot of the time, eats and screams – he’s definitely like his dad.”

Baby Stuart is feeding like an average size newborn at the moment and is expected to develop at the normal rate, despite his headstart in size.

Before he was born, die-hard Hibs fan, Stuart, also 35, braved the elements to collect his tickets with fellow supporters at Easter Road last Wednesday. At the time, Fiona, also a footy fan, had overrun her due date by five days, but encouraged her hubby to go.

Stuart, a shop worker from Cameron Toll, says he hopes his son will be a lucky mascot when Hibs take on Celtic in the Scottish Cup Final later this month. He said: “We’re both Hibs fans and so decided to name him Turnbull after Famous Five forward and former manager Eddie Turnbull.

“Fiona made it along to the semi-final but she won’t make the final.

“I’ll be there, though. There’s not much that can top the birth of your first child, but Hibs finally winning the cup just might.”