New sculpture flies the flag for Kinghorn

A mysterious silver figure which has been catching the sun on Kinghorn's skyline has been the talk of the town.

Andy Davies with his new sculpture - with blacksmith Chris Brown. Pic Fife Photo Agency.
Andy Davies with his new sculpture - with blacksmith Chris Brown. Pic Fife Photo Agency.

The steel sculpture, known as The Flag Bearer, has been attracting a lot of attention since it was erected on the rooftop of a local business three weeks ago.

The piece, which stands six and a half feet tall, was created by Andy Davies, the owner of Archway Metals based in the town’s North Overgate.

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Andy revealed why he chose to create The Flag Bearer: “I needed a flagpole and had always wanted one so I decided just to make it,” he said.

The Flag Bearer stands on the roof of Archway Metals in Kinghorn. Pic: Fife Photo Agency.

“We put him up three weeks ago – he is looking out to sea and all you can see is the coast from the rooftop. He took seven weeks to make and it was a lot of cold nights during the winter and Saturday mornings, I worked on him in my spare time. He is made up of 5000 plus pieces of steel.

“Everybody was waiting on the head going on and people were asking me where he was going and I kept telling them ‘it’s a secret’. I just decided to put him up on the roof on a Thursday! You can see it clearly during the day but it is quite spectacular in the evening because there are LED blue lights inside so he lights up at night.”

Andy said feedback has been very positive: “People have come in off the street to ask about him and he has become a focal point in Kinghorn,” he said.

“People have been asking me if he is staying and as long as I am here, he will be here. He is a gift to Kinghorn.”

The unicorn sculpture Andy is currently working on. Pic: Fife Photo Agency.

Andy also said that he has even secured more business through his project as people have been contacting him to do commissions.

“I have had people from Kirkcaldy particularly wanting something made for them. A woman contacted us looking for a mermaid for her garden gate as well as a sculpture of a man. I have always wanted to break into the sculpture market. I have been in the business for 30 years and this has been the first chance I have had to do this.”

Andy originally worked as an apprentice at Archway Metals and went on to work in other places locally before coming back later to buy the business. He has now had it for 14 years. His regular work includes making railings, gates, staircases and other steel work.

Andy is currently working on a new sculpture – a unicorn called ‘Brave’. Work began on it a week ago and he hasn’t got a buyer for it yet. He added: “I really enjoyed working on The Flag Bearer - he was the first one I made and it was a labour of love.”