New Scotland exchange to boost internet access

Internet access will become faster and more efficient with the launch of a new exchange this week, according to ministers.

The vast majority of Scotland's internet traffic currently goes through London, which can cause delays online. Picture: PA

Scotland’s first internet exchange point (IXP) was announced by Finance Secretary John Swinney at the Convention of the Highlands and Islands conference in Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, today.

The vast majority of Scotland’s internet traffic currently goes through London, which can cause delays online.

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The new IXP will mean that it will be easier for internet service providers in Scotland to pass traffic to each other and it could reduce internet delays by up to 75%, the Scottish Government said.

Mr Swinney said: “We are delighted to welcome the establishment of a dedicated internet exchange point for Scotland which will speed up internet access for businesses and individuals.

“This industry-led IXP will allow internet service providers to securely pass traffic to each other in Scotland, enhancing the digital offering both within and outside of Scotland.”

He added: “Along with our investment in next-generation broadband and measures to increase digital participation, this investment represents a further step on Scotland’s journey to becoming a world-leading digital nation by 2020.”


The exchange, known as IXScotland, is expected to be up and running this week on a day yet to be specified.

Based at the Pulsant data centre in Edinburgh, it was set up by the London Internet Exchange (LINX).

John Souter, chief executive of LINX, said: “IXScotland is a real step forward for the internet community in Scotland and the UK as a whole.

“The exchange will allow networks to stop ‘tromboning’ traffic to London and back again, and will help increase resilience by creating a new centre for interconnection in the UK.”