New rules for workers' bad weather pay

A LAW firm based in the Capital has developed a new series of recommended rules for employers to follow during bad weather.

Murray Beith Murray has drawn up the "adverse weather policy" in response to uncertainty about how to treat staff who have failed to turn up for work.

It is hoped that the advice will allow companies to have a proper strategy for dealing with staff absences that staff and management will refer to.

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The policy states that, according to the terms of employment, employees are required to attend their place of work or work from home if possible in order to receive payment.

But it allows for rules where employees are either paid in full, able to use holiday, have reduced pay or are not paid at all if there is adverse weather and they do not make it in.

Dawn Robertson, head of employment at Murray Beith Murray, said: "I believe that clear-cut rules will also be welcomed by employees. The current spate of severe weather may lead to widespread feelings of unfairness in places where staff who did not make it to work will still get paid."