New CCTV at site near where delivery driver was killed

NEW security cameras have been installed to tackle antisocial behaviour at a park near where delivery driver Simon San was killed by a teenage yob.

The new cameras, combined with an increased police presence in the Lochend area, have been credited with a drop in reports of unruly drunken youths.

It also emerged today that a local shop has had its alcohol licence suspended after selling booze to underage drinkers on several occasions.

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Mr San, 40, was killed in August after a single punch to his face caused him to fall backwards and crack his skull outside the takeaway where he worked.

Mr San's killer, 16-year-old John Reid, was sentenced to five years' detention at the High Court in Glasgow on October 13 after he pleaded guilty to culpable homicide.

Peter Swanson, who runs the Loch Inn next to where Mr San was killed, said there had been far less antisocial behaviour since the cameras went up.

He said: "It is definitely an encouraging start, but it should have happened years ago, not because of a death.

"Police are round here all the time now and the kids are definitely deterred by the CCTV.

"We have to be strict and no-nonsense around here. I operate an over-25s only policy in my pub.

"If they're not over 25 and I don't know and trust them, they're not coming in.

"As soon as I launched the policy, 95 per cent of my problems went away. There has been a 40 per cent decrease in turnover, but I feel it's worth it.

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"There are about four off-licences within 300 yards in this area and underage drinkers are always around them. It is ridiculous."

Another resident, who asked not to be named for fear of being attacked, said: "Calling it 'hell on earth' doesn't really cover it.

"There are always thuggish types hanging out on street corners, at the park and outside the off-licences. They shout at passers-by and have thrown stones. I have seen them size-up to people and blow cannabis smoke in their faces.

"However, it is slowly getting better now.

"They are especially bad if they're drinking, so for a local off-licence, which is no doubt aware about all of the trouble around here, to sell them booze is pretty awful.

"The owner needs to learn a serious lesson."

Edinburgh city council confirmed Mohammed Anwar, who owns Anwar Newsagents in Lochend, has been banned from selling alcohol at his shop and anywhere else until at least December 26.

A spokeswoman said the decision had been made on public safety grounds to ensure the "protection of children and the prevention of crime" after he had been caught selling to underage teenagers.

He was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Local councillor and ex-city council leader Ewan Aitken said he was encouraged by the presence of the cameras.

He said: "There has been such a positive response by local residents. It's sad that it's taken something like this for the council to respond, but at least people feel safer now. They're willing to go out at night."

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An internal police probe is currently under way after Mr San's family claimed the force failed to respond to numerous calls about threatening youths before the tragedy.

A police spokeswoman said: "We're working with partners and locals in the Lochend area in order to continue to address community concerns.

"We have increased joint patrols with the City of Edinburgh Council in the area, and will continue to work alongside residents in support of our community commitment, through our Safer Neighbourhood Teams."