Name suggestions for the bridge across the Forth

NAMES for the new bridge across the Forth flew in thick and fast yesterday.

Author Ian Rankin, below, whose novels often feature the Forth Road Bridge, said: “In a nod to Big Country, why not call it The Crossing.”

Edinburgh City Council’s opposition Labour leader, Andrew Burns, said: “Given that both Forth Road Bridge and Forth Bridge are, in essence, taken, perhaps Firth of Forth Bridge would be appropriate?But I agree with the minister that the general public should have a chance to choose any final name.”

Bridge sceptic Margo MacDonald, the Independent Lothian MSP, suggested A Bridge Too Far or A Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Even less charitably, Green MSP Patrick Harvie put forward Eck’s Folly.


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Other ideas, contributed by Scotsman readers on Facebook and Twitter, included St Margaret’s Bridge, the Kingdom Bridge, Go Forth and the Lang Spoon (tae sup wi’ Fifers).