Naked blonde in George Street photo shoot

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AN audacious photographer took snaps of a stark-naked, blonde model on the steps of the Freemasons’ Scottish HQ in George Street.

Celebrated art snapper Trevor Yerbury dodged pedestrians, packed buses and the risk of arrest to get the picture.

When he judged the coast was “clear”, £250-a-day model Carla Monaco whisked off her robe and struck a pose outside the home of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Police Scotland confirmed the pair could have been arrested, but said no complaints had been received.

Trevor, 62, who lives in West Lothian, said: “George Street was not as quiet as we had anticipated. Not to be deterred, we parked outside the building and waited for the coast to clear, which it did but only for very brief periods, and we tended to forget that pedestrians also walked on the other side.

“After a few abortive starts, we eventually managed to do two very short sessions.”