Mystery of piano in River Tay solved

Police Scotland this afternoon announced that the mystery of the Tay piano had finally been solved.

The abandoned piano, with PC Band in the background. Picture: Police Scotland
The abandoned piano, with PC Band in the background. Picture: Police Scotland

A force spokeswoman said the piano had been deliberately placed in the river as part of a music video shoot for a local musician,

She said: “Re the pic of the piano in the river - mystery solved. It is part of a video shoot for a local musician and has now been removed!”

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The Tayside Division of Police Scotland had launched an appeal for information to help solve the mysterious discovery of an upright piano, left intact in the River Tay near Aberfeldy.

The piano, still upright and apparently capable of being played, was discovered on a stretch of the river at Dunolly by a member of staff at Dunolly Water Sports.

Police Scotland posted an appeal of the Tayside Division’s Facebook page in the hope of tracing the person responsible for dumping the piano in the river.

Constable Ronnie Deuchar, one of the officers investigating the curious case, said: “There’s someone out there with wet feet, however, as it’s a good bit in the water.”

The appeal led to a flurry of posts on the force’s website. Grant Dugeon posted: “Floatzart.”

Doreen Piercy said: “The culprit must be found and made to ‘face the music’”

Struan Bradbury posted: “I thought that was a shame doing that to a musical instrument. They could have just posted it on freecycle or gumtree.”

And Andy Myers said: “What’s wrong with smashing them up and posting them through letter boxes like the old days.”