My Perfect Weekend: Suzie Vestri

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Suzie Vestri is Campaign Director of ‘see me’.

Who would be your ideal weekend companion and why?

My husband, Paolo. We both loved our years living in Edinburgh and, while we also love East Lothian where we live now, our weekends seem to be full of practical things (sheep, hens, garden). Spending a couple of days in Edinburgh as a couple would be fantastic for the both of us and definitely good for our mental health.

Where would you take them in Edinburgh?

Any trip to Edinburgh would need to include a mixture of all the best that the city has to offer – the closes of the Old Town (I used to live on the Lawnmarket), art galleries, some shopping and some serious chilling out in cafes and bars. Edinburgh is as good as any of the magnificent European capitals – if not better!

Where would you go for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

We’d have to start off at St Giles Café and Bar for a leisurely breakfast, followed by lunch at The Shore in Leith then all rounded off by dinner at either Chop Chop or The Kitchin at Commercial Quay. Then some late-night drinking back in the Old Town. Lots of chatting, laughing and just enjoying the moment.

What one item would you not be without?

I’m on a mission to encourage more places to be dog-friendly so I’d be checking out the website on my phone. A good camera to capture our weekend in the big city together and remind us that life isn’t all about hard work.

How would your perfect weekend finish?

A good stroll on the beach at Portobello, complete with either a hot chocolate or an ice-cream depending on the weather. Let a bit of physical activity and the sea air wake us back up and point us back towards East Lothian and the realities of country living again. Hopefully we’d feel mentally and physically re-charged after some time out.