Mum feeds family smoothie made out of her placenta

A mum of four turned her placenta into a smoothie and fed it to her husband and their three-year-old son for the health benefits.

Jay with the smoothie. Picture: SWNS
Jay with the smoothie. Picture: SWNS

Jay Woodall, 33, had four children, Logan, nine, Demitrius, six, River, three and storm, seven months, with husband Jon, 34.

Jay always dreamed of repurposing her placenta but missed her opportunity with the first two, but found a solution by the time she had her two most recent children.

She paid £30 for her raw placenta to be turned into smoothies, and everything leftover was dehydrated and turned into pills - costing a further £150.

Jay said: “It’s a mixed reaction, a few people think it’s a bit gross - not very appetising.

“There are some people that think about it and are interested and ask questions about it, I’ve had some people that listen to what I say and do it themselves as well.

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“People are grossed out, some people are interested.

“I don’t care, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it’s my body. I’m the one that looks into stuff and I make up my own mind about whatever I do.

“I’m up for trying things out if it’s going to benefit my health and my body, or my children’s bodies.

“It’s not really much different from eating certain meats. A lot of animals do it, especially mammals, we’re the only ones who don’t eat the after birth.”

Jay, a self-confessed hippy from Fleet, Hampshire, even had her umbilical chord dehydrated and turned into a keepsake.

Jay continued: “It just tasted like a berry smoothie, It had coconut water and berries in it so tasted really nice.

“I had a boost of energy, better deeper sleep, and my mood was boosted - I felt really good.

“Milk production was good too, I had to take less because I was producing too much milk.

“The recovery after birth was quicker as well.

“It didn’t really taste of anything because I had it with coconut water and berries.

“But I did have a little taste of it on its own before and it just tastes a bit like liver, an irony, metallic taste. It’s not horrible, it’s not a disgusting taste at all.”

Jay even fed the placenta smoothie to her husband and son, Demitrius.

She said: “I think everyone had it. My husband had some just out of pure curiosity and my son tried some and said it was yummy. But again it had berries and stuff in it.

“With my mum I gave her half of my tablets when I gave birth to Storm because she was suffering from a few hormonal issues.

“It was a similar response, they said it tasted nice and their energy levels increased. Mum said it made her feel very alert and very connected.

“It;s a highly beneficial thing to do, I know mothers that have suffered from post natal depression and I think it would help that, in my opinion.

“She said it made her feel loads better and gave her a lot of energy. And I thought hormonally it made me feel a lot better too.

“I’m quite an emotional person anyway, and it felt like my hormones were nicely balanced after I had it.

“When you think how much some people spend on vitamins, it sounds like a lot but if it lasts you a whole year then it’s good value for money.

“After I had the placenta smoothie, with both girls, I was able to go out that same day after giving birth.

“A really calming feeling came over me. I had a boost of energy and just felt really good about myself. It was really lovely to experience feeling that.

“It’s one of those things that you can be sceptical about it, but in my eyes there’s nothing negative that could happen from it.

“I was a bit more connected and bonded to my baby, I was able to have a very deep sleep after having it, so it just outweighs the negatives.”