MSP says new powers on drink-driving are not enough

NEW powers for the Scottish Parliament to set a separate drink-drive limit north of the Border do not go far enough, according to Lothians SNP MSP Ian McKee.

He said he hoped Holyrood would use the new powers included in the Scotland Bill to cut the current 80mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood to 50mg, in line with most European Union countries.

But he said the Bill did not go far enough because it did not allow the Scottish Parliament to decide on breath tests and penalties for drink driving.

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He said: "I welcome the move as it's outrageous that Scotland has one of the most lenient drink driving limits in Europe. Setting the limit is a start but for Scotland to be in full control of drink driving legislation it must also have the power to decide on breath testing and set the penalties for drink driving.

"Reducing the limit to 50mg would save hundreds of lives in Scotland and discourage people from drinking before driving.

"Had the previous government acted more swiftly to transfer powers we could have seen the limit lowered in time for the Christmas season and potentially saved lives as a result.

"I will liaise with the government to ensure that action is taken immediately once the power has been transferred to Scotland."