MSP's play on 'ruthless' quest for political power to tour

A SATIRE written by an MSP on the "ruthless" pursuit of power at Holyrood is to go on tour in the run-up to May's elections.

It's My Party, by Chris Ballance, depicts a newly-elected woman MSP willing to do anything to advance her career in her (unspecified) party. Mr Ballance said: "She is in the ruling party - you can take that to be whichever party you like."

Mr Ballance, a Green MSP for South of Scotland, has several works to his name. His play Water of Life won an Edinburgh Festival Fringe award in 1990 and Viva la Diva was shortlisted for two London awards.

The new play will tour southern Scotland in March and April, and will feature at the Glasgow Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Theatre Workshop in March.

Mr Ballance said: "It's a satire on a politician whose only goal is to build a political career rather than to genuinely serve the public - a problem that plagues the political system at Holyrood and Westminster."