Mouse of Fraser: Mice sighted in Capital department store Jenners

IT is the Capital’s oldest department store, attracting thousands of shoppers every week.

But Jenners on Princes Street has received a few unwanted visitors in recent days – putting some staff off their lunch.

An employee at the store claimed mice had been spotted in the staff canteen and scurrying along corridors in the department store over the last week.

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Yesterday, council staff were called in to investigate the complaints, over staff concerns about health and safety.

The member of staff, who asked not to be named, said: “I saw four mice running about the staff canteen one lunchtime.

“I have got to eat my lunch off the tables, it’s just unacceptable. People shouldn’t have to work in conditions like this.

“You come out of the lifts and they run along the corridor at any time of the day.

“It’s mostly floor five around the corridors and staff canteen area, but there’s nothing to stop them getting on the shop floor.

“I’m not sure if the 
customers have seen them but I don’t think the canteen should be allowed to be open while things like that are running about.”

He added: “I don’t know what’s worse – the mice or the female staff screaming every time they run past.

“Something needs to be done, it’s disgusting.”

A spokeswoman for Jenners, which is owned by House of Fraser, said pest control company Ecolab would be informed of the problem following a complaint.

“We have been made aware that there has been one complaint regarding the sighting of a mouse in our Jenners store in Edinburgh,” she added.

“House of Fraser would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. We employ a pest control company, Ecolab, who come in on a weekly basis to maintain a pleasant shopping environment for our customers, and mouse sightings are a rare occurrence. We will make them aware of the recent 

Jenners has maintained its original position on Princes Street since 1838 and is home to more than 100 different departments, selling everything from international designer brands to locally crafted Scottish products.

The city council confirmed that it had received a vermin complaint, with environmental health officers visiting Jenners yesterday.

A spokesman said: “Following a complaint, environmental health officers carried out a visit and appropriate pest control advice has been given. The company are taking steps to manage the situation and a follow-up inspection will be carried out in the near future.”