More than 200 drivers ticketed for talking on their mobiles

More than 200 drivers have been handed tickets in just two weeks in a Police Scotland crackdown.

(Photo: John Devlin. file pic)
(Photo: John Devlin. file pic)

Figures released by the service show that over the two-week campaign to highlight the new penalties, 210 people were either given a ticket or reported to the Procurator Fiscal for the offence.

New rules mean that drivers can be hit with £200 fines and six points on their licence. Newly-qualified drivers can also face instant bans.

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And over the first five days of the new penalties being imposed, a total of 42 people were charged or reported.

Deputy head of road policing, Superintendent Fraser Candlish, said: “While it is clear that proportionately more people were caught in the ten days prior to the new penalties being introduced, this coincided with a period when there was a great deal of advertising and publicity highlighting the change.

“It is extremely disappointing that in the first five days of the new penalties being implemented, more than 40 drivers were still prepared to put the lives of both themselves and other road users at risk by using such devices while they were driving.

“There can be no excuse, as there was widespread public knowledge of the change. Road Policing Officers will continue to look out for anyone breaking the law, and my advice is to simply either switch off your phone entirely while driving, or only make or answer a call if you are parked. Remember, using such a device if you are stopped at lights, or stuck in traffic congestion, is still breaking the law and if you are seen doing it by Police Officers, you will be charged, so don’t risk it.”