Monumental move in fight to save Skye terrier

A statue of the Skye terrier – the breed of Greyfriars Bobby fame – is to be unveiled today on the island as part of a bid to save its kind from extinction.

Greyfriars Bobby and friends. Picture: Neil Hanna

With only about 3,000 of the native Scots dog left around the world, they are as rare as the tiger and red panda.

The Skye Terriers Club commissioned the statue with the aim of raising awareness of the under-threat terrier, the oldest Scottish breed.

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Princess Anne will do the honours at Armadale Castle.

Gail Marshall, secretary of the Scottish branch of the club, said: “We are really struggling.

“Only between 30 to 40 puppies are born each year around the globe, and a worldwide effort is being made to save the breed.”

She added: “Once there was a Skye terrier on every close, but that is no longer the case.”

It is Scotland’s oldest terrier breed, going back to the 14th century. Queen Victoria kept Skye terriers.