‘Mini Hendrix’ viral star moves to Highlands

The teenager, who once featured on a television programme, has moved to the Highlands. Picture: TSPL
The teenager, who once featured on a television programme, has moved to the Highlands. Picture: TSPL
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A TEEN who hit the headlines after being dubbed “Mini Hendrix” - pocketing up to £350 a day in an English seaside town - is now plying his trade in the Highlands.

Calvin Prior became a media sensation aged just 13 by attracting hundreds of people to his street gigs in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Now, five years later, his family have moved to the shores of Loch Ness, at Drumnadrochit.

Calvin, who is due to begin training as a hairdresser at Inverness College, is now entertaining crowds in the Highland capital.

He said: “Inverness is a great town. The people are friendly and they appreciate my music and are very supportive when I play, for which I am highly grateful.”

However, he still has ambitions of making it in the music business, adding: “Music is my biggest passion. It’s a great joy to see how I can connect with people by making them feel happy and laugh or cry. There is something about music which words will never be able to describe.”

The young guitarist started playing electric guitar on his 11th birthday when his father bought him his first one. He later bought a £2000 guitar with the proceeds of his busking.

He is preparing original material for an EP/album and sees busking as a great way to experiment and practice in front of people.

He said: “I would like to have hairdressing alongside my music because it’s also creative and artistic. I am going to be playing in Inverness often and will be gigging soon around the bars and hopefully the Iron Works when I have constructed a fan base here.

“I would love to achieve being in a band, doing my own songs and make a living from touring the world with my music. My main focus is to leave a legacy with my music.”

Last year, the young guitarist entertained millions of people after being hand-picked by ITV Coronation Street actor Jennie McAlpine (Fiz) to play AC/DC on the guitar for a special Save the Children series.