MEP attacks trade deal with Israel

LOTHIANS-based Labour MEP David Martin has condemned a decision by the European Parliament to approve a measure to make trade easier between the European Union and Israel.

Mr Martin had previously proposed a two-year delay in order to allow more time for Israel to comply with international law, but the move was defeated at committee level and the trade upgrade was approved by a plenary session of MEPs in Strasbourg.

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He said: “Unfortunately, the conservative groups in the parliament voted to bring in this trade upgrade at a time when rewarding Israel through our trade policy is hugely inappropriate.

“Approving this protocol is incompatible with recent 
European Parliament and EU declarations denouncing Israeli activity in the Occupied 

“Robust checks and accurate labelling are essential to ensure goods from the Occupied Territories are not imported under this agreement, but regardless of this I am opposed to any trade upgrade while Israel continues to flout international law.”