Melania Trump body double theory goes viral

A bizarre body double theory has emerged over Melania Trump. Picture; FLickr
A bizarre body double theory has emerged over Melania Trump. Picture; FLickr
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A bizarre social media debate has raged overnight after a theory that Melania Trump was using a body double went viral.

Speculation began after footage emerged of a sombre looking Melania wearing large sunglasses which covered a lot of her face standing next to her husband during an address.

Twitter user, Joe Vargas, tweeted that he believed that the woman standing next to the president was not the real First Lady, but rather a body double, and users were quick to have their say, with many believing the theory.

His speculation mounted after President Trump said during the address: “My wife Melania, she’s right here.”

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He tweeted “This is not Melania, To think they would go this far and try and make us think it’s her on TV is mind-blowing.”

The theory has led to many posts about the First Lady and whether or not a body double is being used by the White House.

Believers of the theory have been quick to point to other public appearances supporting the use of a body double.

And it is not the first time that a body double theory has emerged, with Hilary Clinton being accused of using a double during the US election campaign.

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Footage of the President giving an address in Floria has emerged in which he states Melania ‘wishes she could be here’, however, the First Lady appears to be standing next to him.

The theory has led to a fierce debate on social media, with a Fake Melania Twitter account even being created.

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