Meet ‘Ronaldog’ the postman’s pooch who has turned football star

The incredible kick about between postal worker David Barbour, 50, and the two-footed wonder pup dubbed 'Ronaldog'. SWNS
The incredible kick about between postal worker David Barbour, 50, and the two-footed wonder pup dubbed 'Ronaldog'. SWNS
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Meet ‘Ronaldog’ - the footie-mad dog with serious skills that won’t let the postman deliver to its home until they have a kick about.

Postie Davie Barbour, 50, takes mail to the dog’s owners every day - but “isn’t allowed” to return to work until they’ve had a mini footie match.

The clip shows the dog use both paws to control and pass the football to Davie, a postie of 16 years.

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The mini footie match is part of the duo’s daily routine - and the dog apparently waits at the garden gate with a ball by its side for Davie to drop by.

If Davie tries to dash off without playing ball, the persistent dog will block his only way out of the garden in Rosyth, in Fife, Scotland.

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Davie is forced to take a few minutes out of his working day to play with the dog before being allowed to continue his round.

Since the video was posted online, the talented pup has become a viral sensation thanks to his impressive paw-work.

Davie’s daughter, Amy Barbour, 23, who posted the footage on Twitter, said her dad has been playing ball with the “hilarious” dog for months now.

She said: “If dad doesn’t have mail for the owner he still has to go in and see the dog.

“He is unreal. From the first touch to the pin point passes, they are outstanding.

“He goes on to use his chest to block the passes it is incredible.”

Amy added the dog is now a local celeb, and could possibly be the “most talented dog” in all of Scotland.

She said: “It is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen, when my dad told us about him we never believed him.

“It does seem too good to be true but then he managed to use his phone camera and captured this classic video.

“ As soon we watched it all we knew it had to be uploaded to Twitter, everyone loves dogs doing mad things but this is something totally different and hilarious.

“He’s the most talented dog I’ve ever come across.”

The clip was filmed on Friday, and it has since been retweeted 6,500 times and has been liked more than 26,000 times.

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