Meet the pub-going parrot from East Kilbride

THEY say a dog is man’s best friend but meet the parrot who enjoys a pint with his owner in the pub.

Picture: HeMedia
Picture: HeMedia

Owner Norie MacKinnon says his parrot, called Jack Sparrow, is at his happiest when he’s rocking out to his favourite band Status Quo and sipping a pint of Caledonian Best.

Jack’s is apparently not one for conversation but he does say ‘geez a kiss’ and ‘where’s my boy?’.

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He regularly accompanies Norie to his local, the Stewartfield Farm in East Kilbride.

Picture: HeMedia

Norie said: “He loves his beer and red wine. But one night at home I heard a clunk and turned round to see he’d fallen off his perch. He’d had too much wine.

“Nowadays I buy him a pint down the pub and he just takes a few sips out of it.

“He’s a great character and a great companion. I love Status Quo too so we rock out together.

“He loves Quo. He headbangs to them all the time. They’re his favourite band.

Picture: HeMedia

“It’s hilarious when he gets going, his bangs his head back and forward in time with the music.

“He even tries to sing along to songs like Whatever You Want but it just comes out as a squawk.

“He likes other music - he’s quite keen on Billy Idol and he likes a bit of jazz - but Status Quo are far and away his favourite.”

Norie, 54, an A&E nurse at Hairmyres Hospital, bought his fun-loving feathered friend for £1,500 from a friend six years ago.

Jack was only three months old at the time but his friend’s wife didn’t like him.

Father-of-one Norie said: “He’s named after Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and he is a right Jack the lad.

“A couple of years ago I bought a mate for him, a female blue and gold macaw called Cheeky, but he couldn’t stand her so she had to go. I think she cramped his style.”