Martin Hamilton: No reward for dog walker who found remains

Martin Hamilton, who was one of Scotland's most wanted criminals. Picture: PA
Martin Hamilton, who was one of Scotland's most wanted criminals. Picture: PA
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A DOG walker who found the skeletal remains of one of the country’s most notorious gangsters - Martin Hamilton - will not receive the £2000 bounty to find the criminal.

The Crimestoppers reward was only available if the wanted 53-year-old drugs kingpin was found alive.

The remains of Hamilton, aka, the Blackhill Butcher, were found in woods near the B7015 in West Calder on December 17 - and the bones were identified on Christmas Eve.

Hamilton vanished on April 16. The last sighting of the fugitive was on Great Western Road, Glasgow.

He had broken the terms of his parole following his release from jail in September 2014.

A Crimestoppers spokesman said: “We have not denied this individual a reward, this is simply not true.

“We outline very clearly from the outset how our rewards work and as stated, the discovery of a dead body, in any case and not just this one, does not qualify.”

Hamilton, from Glasgow, was one of the country’s most brutal criminals. He was feared by criminals and the public alike.

He infamously tried to gouge out one of his victim’s eyes with a spoon.

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Police believe he was killed shortly after he vanished in April.

It is believed Hamilton, named after the Blackhill housing estate in Glasgow, where he ran his crime empire, could have lain in the wood for up to eight months.

The investigation to find the killer of the sadistic criminal has been widened to Blackburn, just over four miles from the scene of where the skeleton was found.

Detective Superintendent Kenny Graham said: “While examinations and searches are ongoing near West Calder where Martin Hamilton’s remains were found, we are now conducting further work in nearby Blackburn.

“As the investigation has progressed we have identified this area of Blackburn as of interest, and I am keen to speak to anyone living or working here who may have any information which could assist.

“As well as some search activity, officers will be carrying out extensive house-to-house inquiries and high-visibility patrols of the area.”

Police have not indicated why Blackburn has become an area of particular interest but it is thought that new information has been garnered since officers announced on Wednesday that Hamilton had been last seen in April.

DS Graham has previously declined to speculate on motive but confirmed that other inquiries into gangland incidents were a “consideration” in his own investigation.

Hamilton was a hated figure, with an infamous reputation as a gangland enforcer. He had tortured and raped teenagers.

The criminal had been on the police’s most wanted list before he was jailed in 2000 for a series of sickening offences, including drug dealing, torture, abduction and sodomy.

Police officers and scientific experts have been carrying out extensive examinations of the West Calder woods, where his corpse was found.

It took days for the remains to be identified because they had lain there so long. Hamilton had been hunted by police since September 2014, after he breached the terms of his release.