Marathon man urges Scots to put their best foot forward

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A DOCTOR who ran consecutive marathons on every continent is urging people across Scotland to walk for 30 minutes every day – starting with after their festive feasts.

Dr Andrew Murray said exercise was the best protection against most diseases and the best way to expore the outdoors.

The Edinburgh-based GP, who is the Scottish Government’s Physical Activity Champion, won the Ice Marathon in Antarctica in November and even finished his seven-race adventure a day early.

Nearly half of Scots, 48 per cent, said in a recent survey they were likely to enjoy the outdoors over the festive period, while 41 per cent said they are most likely to make New Year’s resolution to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Dr Murray: “Walking is the simplest way to better health and just 30 minutes of walking every day gives more protection against death than any medication. Over half of all calories are expended by walking and people underestimate the good that even low levels of physical activity can have, like walking to the shops, or to meetings as I do when I can. Walking can also help fight obesity and is a great treatment for diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and many other conditions.

“Simple physical activity not only makes people feel better quickly, it also adds years of quality life.”