Man who ‘wished he was rapist’ sent prison threats

Dundee Sheriff Court. Picture: TSPL
Dundee Sheriff Court. Picture: TSPL
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A MAN jailed for approaching a baby girl then telling her mother he “wished” he was a rapist was today facing a new prison term - after he sent a string of “aggressive” threats towards a forensic psychologist from behind bars.

Last year Alfred Bowden walked up to the the baby and her infant sisters - all totally unkown to him - and called them “beautiful”.

He tried to talk to them before the mother walked away, after which he said “I’m not a rapist”, then adding: “I wish I was.”

Bowden was locked up last November over the offence.

Now Dundee Sheriff Court has heard how Bowden, while locked up at Perth Prison, sent a series of threats to forensic psychologist Vicky Orme.

She is regularly used by the courts and jails to assess criminals ahead of and after sentencing.

The court heard that Bowden repeatedly contacted her on January 14 this year from the Perth jail.

Fiscal depute Kirsten Thomson told how he sent a series of “grossly offensive, obscene or menacing” messages to her.

Bowden was said to have acted in an aggressive manner towards Mrs Orme, uttered threats towards her and placed her in a state of fear and alarm.

Bowden, 61, a prisoner at HMP Perth, pleaded guilty on summary complaint to a charge under the Communications Act.

Sheriff Alistair Carmichael deferred sentence until next month for social work background reports.

Bowden carried out his inital crime as the girls were walking with their mother in Dundee city centre around 4.50pm on June 12 2014.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard the baby was in a buggy being pushed by her mother while her two sisters were walking behind.

Fiscal depute Muhammad Sadiq told the court: “The complainer heard a male voice say ‘hello girls’ and turned to see the accused approach her daughters and touch one of them with his right hand.

“She wasn’t sure if she knew him but he moved his hand and walked away when he saw her looking.”

Moments later Bowden came back, this time approaching the baby in the buggy.

Mr Sadiq added: “He stroked the face of the youngest girl and attempted to engage the other two girls in conversation.

“He then said to the complainer ‘You have beautiful girls. I don’t stay here, I’m from the countryside’.

“She walked away and as she did he said ‘I’m not a rapist’.

“She then heard him say ‘I wish I was’.”

Bowden, 61, of Dura Street, Dundee, pleaded guilty to conducting himself in a disorderly manner on June 12 in Dundee city centre.

The charge stated he approached three children unknown to him, put his arms around them, stroked them on the cheeks, made sexually explicit comments and committed a breach of the peace.

Scott Norrie, defending, said Bowden had “alcohol issues” and was “under the influence” at the time of the offence.


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