Man who accused Thai wife of stifling his libido with spices admits stalking her after break-up

Rodger Morris on his wedding Day to Juthamas
Rodger Morris on his wedding Day to Juthamas
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A PENSIONER who claimed his Thai bride fed him special spices to calm his libido has admitted stalking her after they split up.

Rodger Morris, 65, said earlier this year that Juthamas had sedated him to put him off sex. and claimed that she had spent his £60,000 savings before leaving him.

Rodger Morris on his wedding Day to Juthamas Mooksaem

Rodger Morris on his wedding Day to Juthamas Mooksaem

Yesterday, a court heard how Morris, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, mounted a two-month campaign against Mrs Morris – harassing her workmates, hanging around outside her work and offering her 
colleagues cash for her contact details.

Morris’s lawyer told the court that his medication for Parkinson’s had “left him open to 
impulsive and compulsive 

Earlier this year Morris claimed his wife had used “special Thai spices” to sedate him to put him off sex, and claimed she had used him to gain UK citizenship, which she denies. The couple had met on a website called Thai Love Links.

Fiscal depute Ross Cargill told Dundee Sheriff Court that the couple married in Thailand in 2008 in a traditional ceremony, before moving to Blairgowrie, Perthshire, in 2009 and Broughty Ferry in 2011.

Rodger Morris from Dundee

Rodger Morris from Dundee

He said that Mrs Morris left the accused on 14 December last year. “This year there were a number of incidents at 
her workplace, Orchar Nursing Home, and reports of 
him hanging around the building.

“On 22 May two colleagues of Mrs Morris were walking to their car after work and got into it. Mr Morris opened the car door and asked them for her contact details, but they drove off.

“Mr Morris then sent e-mails to Mrs Morris’s colleagues offering money for her contact details. He also sent a letter to her employers. This caused her great alarm, and the matter was reported to police.”

Morris, 65, of Dundee, pleaded guilty to stalking his estranged wife between 1 April and 
22 May this year at Broughty Ferry.

Kevin Hampton, defending, said: “He had spent quite a bit of money on this lady and, due to ill-health, had lost his job and money became harder to come by. When she left he found it hard to deal with and he wanted to speak to her to sort things out.

“His medications for Parkinson’s can have side-effects of impulsive and compulsive behaviour, and this may have played a part in his behaviour.”

Sheriff Alistair Hogg deferred sentence until March for Morris to be of good behaviour.

He said: “It was a frightening situation for this person and I want to make sure there is no repetition.”

In January Morris told how he was “heartbroken” after His wife left him. But she denied using spices to sedate him, and said he had claimed to have a catalogue of Russian women lined up as possible replacements for her.

Morris said: “I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be doing internet dating again. You never know who you are chatting to. I feel like an idiot.

“The whole time she pretended she loved me, but it seems she wanted to use me to get her citizenship.

“A translator warned me she had put things in my food. “[Juthamas] always prepared the dinner but she cooked my food first, served it to me, washed out the pot and cooked hers – even though we were eating the same thing.

“Every night I felt very tired and lethargic. I think she did it so I’d be asleep by the time she came to bed.”

But Juthamas hit back at Morris, saying: “When I came to the UK to be with him, I was happy at first, but not for long. I went to work, came home and did nothing else.

“I gave him £100 every month from my salary – he needs my money because he is retired. I paid for everything.

“I didn’t use Rodger to get into the UK – I would never think like that. I thought I loved Rodger and wanted a long life together with him. But now I want a divorce.”