Man staged machete attack 3 weeks after being freed from jail

An armed man who attacked a shopkeeper with a machete during an attempted robbery had been released from jail just 22 days earlier, a court heard yesterday.

Tahir Ahmed suffered a fractured skull when he was attacked at his shop last August. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Liam McMeechan, who left Tahir Ahmed with a fractured skull following the raid at his Edinburgh newsagents last August, had been freed from prison early.

Yesterday at the High Court in Glasgow he was jailed for more than eight years for the attack that left Mr Ahmed fearing for his life.

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McMeechan pleaded guilty to assaulting the shopkeeper to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

His accomplice, David Allan, 50, admitted to a charge of attempted robbery.

Lord Boyd jailed McMeechan, who he branded a “considerable menace”, for seven years – but he must first serve 414 days from his previous sentence.

McMeechan will also be supervised for two years on his release. Allan was sentenced to 32 months for his part in the crime.

Mr Ahmed was working alone at his store in the capital’s South Trinity Road when the duo attacked. It was the fourth time someone had tried to raid his store.

Allan stood at the counter while machete-wielding McMeechan yelled: “Give him the money.”

Allan quickly fled as Mr Ahmed pressed the panic alarm. McMeechan then lashed out at the victim with the weapon.

Mr Ahmed initially grabbed his arm before being hit on the head again. The wounded 55-year-old managed to pick up a chair and throw it at his attacker

McMeechan dropped the machete before running out the ransacked newsagents.

Prosecutor Mark McGuire said: “The victim took a few moments to recover and compose himself. It was only at this time that he realised he was bleeding heavily from his head.”

Staff from a nearby pharmacy came to administer first aid. Mr Ahmed needed 14 staples for serious head wounds and has been left scarred for life.

Police found ditched machete as well as a scarf, on which they found the DNA of McMeechan’s mother, who was Allan’s former partner.

Allan was arrested and stated: “All I’m saying is that this is heavy and it was never the plan. It went too far.”

McMeechan was also arrested – he asked officers: “Have you got Davey Allan yet?”