Man ‘ran naked through Toys R Us with cricket bat’

A NAKED man rampaged through a busy toy store shouting threats and swinging a cricket bat after crashing his car outside the shop, witnesses said yesterday.

The man reportedly ran naked through the Toys R Us store in Kingsway West, Dundee. Picture: Getty

Police confirmed a man had been detained after the bizarre Easter Sunday incident at the Toys R Us store in Dundee’s Kingsway West Retail Park.

Shoppers said as many as 20 people had to pin down the man – even using trolleys to detain him – as he “ranted and raved” in a foreign language before directing threats at a terrified child.

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One woman was injured and emergency services took her to the city’s Ninewells Hospital for treatment for a suspected fractured cheekbone.

Witnesses said the man started to strip off and throw items as he entered the store before swinging a bat and shouting threats.

Some said he chased adults and children through the store before injuring one woman.

Gavin Watt, who was in the store, said: “There must have been 20 other folk who jumped on him and took him down. He was still struggling and we had to put trolleys on top of him to keep him there.

“The man was really strong and absolutely out of it. He was big and bulky and tattooed all over and very strong.

“Even with him being pinned down by all these folk he was still able to wriggle about.

“I don’t think anyone else was hurt, luckily enough.

“The young child was taken away round the corner out of harm’s way.

“The police cuffed him and put him in a van.”

One woman, who asked not to be named, said: “I saw one woman with a young girl in the toilets and he was kicking the toilet doors. They tried to run for it but he then chased them down the aisles. The man was crazed.”

Lynda Cunningham, 43, said she was with her daughters aged eight and 21 when the incident happened.

She said: “I heard a lot of bangs and shouting – I first thought shelf had collapsed and went over to help.

“A little boy was standing by watching, it looked like he was on his own and I took him aside.

“My own youngest daughter hasn’t left my side since the incident.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland’s Tayside Division said: “A man has been detained following a disturbance at a shop in Dundee.

“The incident happened around 2:35pm on Sunday, 5 April at the Toy R Us store in Kingsway West.

“A female sustained a facial injury during the disturbance and required medical attention.

“Officers are also investigating a collision outside the premises prior to the incident.”