Man needed surgery after bottle attack while trying to protect wife’s car

Picture: Gareth Easton
Picture: Gareth Easton
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A MAN needed emergency surgery after being struck on the neck with a broken bottle as he tried to protect his wife’s car from vandals.

• Kenneth Quinn’s attacker jailed for six years

• Edinburgh High Court heard Corey Witter knocked Quinn to the ground and kicked his face at least three times.

Kenneth Quinn’s attacker has been jailed for six years by a judge, who branded the offence “scandalous”.

Corey Witter, 21, had not planned to use violence, a court heard, and was seeking help for anger management.

The High Court in Edinburgh was told that Anthony Quinn, 18, was in his bedroom on 
13 July when he heard a noise outside the family home in Glenrothes, Fife. He saw people standing round his mother’s car and one of them seemed to be playing with the aerial.

He informed his parents, and Mr Quinn, 46, rushed outside to confront them.

“He did not have time to put on his shoes and left the house in the expectation that the persons in question would run away, which they did not,” said the advocate-depute, Martin Macari.

Mr Quinn saw Witter and Cameron Waters, 26, standing close to his wife’s car. Mr Quinn took out his mobile phone 
and told the group around the car that he was going to call the police.

In response, Witter knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the face at least three times. Mr Quinn broke free and went to help his son, who was also being punched by Waters and struck on the head with a bottle.

Witter intercepted Mr Quinn and struck him on the head with a bottle. The bottle broke and Witter lunged at him and hit him again.

“It was immediately obvious that Kenneth Quinn was badly injured and was seen to be bleeding from a large gash to his neck,” said Mr Macari.

Surgeons had to remove glass that was embedded in the wound, and Mr Quinn needed 21 stitches. He continues to feel numbness and shooting pains because of nerve damage, the court heard. Witter, of Glenrothes, admitted attempting to murder Mr Quinn, and Waters, of Kirkcaldy, Fife, pleaded guilty to assaulting his son.

Krista Johnston, the defence solicitor-advocate, said Witter had lost his job after an accident and began drinking heavily. He had also separated from the mother of his two children.

However, she added, Witter had now changed, was seeking help for his drink problem and had undergone anger-management training while on remand for the bottle attack.

“He did not plan the violence and did not anticipate the escalation,” said Ms Johnston.

Adrian Tonner, counsel for Waters, said: “Drink played a part.”

Lord Uist told Witter: “What happened to Mr Quinn that night was a scandalous example of inexcusable street violence against a wholly innocent man who had left his home only because he wished to protect his wife’s car.”

The judge jailed Waters for 18 months, saying his attack on Anthony Quinn had been “disgraceful behaviour”.