Man is jailed for 5 months after 'trying to have sex with tree' in busy park

A MAN who was banned from a park after it was alleged he tried to have sex with a tree in broad daylight has been jailed for five months and put on the Sex Offenders' Register for seven years.

William Shaw, 22, of Airdrie, was ordered by a sheriff not to enter Central Park, Airdrie, after it was claimed he dropped his trousers and underpants, exposed himself, and while his trousers were around his ankles, simulated having sex with a tree.

Yesterday jobless Shaw, pled guilty at Airdrie Sheriff Court to a charge of public indecency in Central Park, near to the town's Henderson Street. He admitted exposing himself.

The offence happened on the afternoon of 13 September, 2009, when the park was busy, including a woman walking her dog, two young children playing and a game of football taking place.

The Crown prosecutor told the court how Shaw was first spotted by a man looking from a window of a house overlooking the park, who contacted police.

The prosecutor said: "His trousers and underpants were at his ankles, he was standing at a park bench and his arms were at his side. A woman, walking her dog, was just five to ten yards away. She went over to two children who were playing and stopped them from looking. She also contacted police. There were trees in the vicinity and a football match was going on at the same time. There were numerous people in the park."

Defence lawyer Tony Linden added: "It has been a case of extreme embarrassment. He had been drinking the night before and continued on throughout the day. Police recovered a bottle of orange 20/20 Mad Dog he'd been drinking."

Sheriff Robert Dickson told Shaw: "Drink is not an excuse.

This was an offence of disgusting behaviour and a lady was endured the sight of you exposing yourself. I accept you have suffered public humiliation, but drunkenness is no excuse."