Lynda Spence was ‘recruited to spy on ex-lover’

Picture: PA
Picture: PA
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MISSING financial adviser Lynda Spence was recruited to spy on her Albanian former lover just weeks before she disappeared, a court has heard.

The trial of Colin Coats and Philip Wade, both 42 – who deny abducting, torturing and murdering Miss Spence at a flat in West Kilbride in April 2011 – heard that she was hired by the Scottish Crime and Drugs 
Enforcement Agency.

The first approach was made to her on 5 March 2011 at Glasgow Airport, when she was asked to inform on her ex-lover Albanian Sokal Zefaj, who was suspected of involvement in drug trafficking, gun running and people trafficking.

In evidence at the High Court in Glasgow yesterday, he denied any wrongdoing.

Miss Spence went missing on 14 April 2011 and her disappearance was reported to police by her parents a month later.

The jury has heard that in March 2011, Miss Spence was living with Ukranian Aliona Codreanu at a flat in Whitworth Drive, Glasgow.

Miss Codreanu was a former lover of Mr Zefaj and they first met as they travelled to Glasgow from London by bus.

Mr Zefaj, 39, was asked by defence QC Derek Ogg if he knew that Miss Codreanu was in love with him and stalking him and he said he did not, but regarded her as a friend.

The Albanian, who denied being married to Miss Spence, but admitted having an affair with her, claimed he last saw her in October 2010.

Mr Ogg asked him: “March 5, 2011 was the first time Lynda Spence was approached to spy on you. Why would that happen months after you saw you last saw her?”

Mr Zefaj replied that he did not know.

The QC then asked: “In March or April 2011, did Aliona Codreanu tell you she had discovered that Lynda was a police spy?” Mr Zefaj said: “I can’t remember that.”

Mr Ogg said it was “astonishing” that he could not remember.

The Albanian local government official said: “She could have said that but it is not something I would have been worried about. I don’t believe for a second Lynda would have been a police spy.”

Mr Zefaj also denied being told by Miss Codreanu that Miss Spence had stolen £50,000 in cash from the flat they shared.

Mr Zefaj was asked if he told Coats at a meeting they had in a McDonald’s restaurant in Crow Road, Glasgow, that Miss Spence had wanted him killed.

He said he did not remember, adding: “She had no reason to kill me.”

Mr Ogg replied: “You do know. The reason she wanted you killed is that she was your legal wife and would inherit vast amounts of money.”

Mr Zefaj said that he had never been married to Miss Spence.

The trial before Lord Pentland continues.