Lynda Spence: Man admits his role at trial

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A MAN who admitted guarding a missing businesswoman alleged to have been murdered has told a court he takes responsibility for not stopping what was happening to her.

David Parker, 38, said he accepts he was part of a “plan” not to let 27-year-old Lynda Spence go when she was being held at his flat in West Kilbride, Ayrshire, where he claims she was repeatedly assaulted.

The financial adviser has not been seen since April 2011. Two men, Colin Coats and Philip Wade, both 42, are on trial at the High Court in Glasgow, charged with abducting, torturing and murdering her, which they deny.

Parker yesterday told jurors Coats and Wade would arrive at the property every day and inflict violence on Ms Spence including burning her, cutting off her thumb and beating her.

He also claimed the first time he saw Ms Spence she was taped to a chair by the arms and waist with tape over her mouth. He described how Coats had come in one day and seemed “really angry”, and told him he was going to “take her thumb”.

Moments later, Parker said he heard Ms Spence cry out “no Colin”.

The trial continues.