Lynda Spence is alleged to have stolen £2,000

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A MISSING businesswoman stole up to £2,000 meant to buy Christmas presents for the family of one of the men accused of murdering her, a court heard.

Lynda Spence, 27, was given the money by Brian Wade in December 2010 to organise gifts for his brother Philip Wade’s children and other family members.

However, jurors were told no presents arrived, and Ms Spence never gave the cash back.

At the High Court in Glasgow, where Philip Wade, 42, is on trial accused of torturing and murdering Ms Spence, along with Colin Coats, 42, David Parker, 38, and Paul Smith, 47, Brian Wade said she “seemed to be someone who was offering to help”. The 39-year-old graphic designer, who helps run the family’s printing business “Wades Print”, said: “She was supposed to purchase Christmas presents and she had asked me to give her some money for it and for some reason or another it didn’t happen. The presents didn’t arrive.” Mr Wade said he could not remember the exact amount he gave to Ms Spence, but agreed that it could have been as much as £2,000.

Transcripts of telephone conversations from January 2011 between the two brothers – recorded as Philip Wade was on remand at the time, were heard.

In one, Philip Wade asked: “Have you been hearing from her that borrowed money from you?” His brother replied: “Not at all, I have tried to get in touch.”

Philip Wade said: “I don’t mind you getting heavy … because I’ve told her I’ve fallen out.”

Mr Wade said he did not remember the calls, and said: “I’m not a person that gets heavy. I run a business – if someone owes you money you send letters.”

The trial, before Lord ­Pentland, continues.