Lowdown on new look for Lothian Buses' 600 strong fleet

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EDINBURGH'S main bus operator has gone back to the future by returning to the livery it abandoned a decade ago.

• The new Edinburgh bus colours. Picture: Complimentary

Lothian Buses has unveiled the first of its 600 vehicles to sport the new reddish purple – "madder" – white and gold colour scheme.

The colours – maroon, white and gold – hark back to the livery first used by the city's trams in 1919 and which were later adopted by buses until being replaced with a red-and-white harlequin design ten years ago, inspired by one of Liz Hurley's signature dresses.

The city council-owned firm said the harlequins had been introduced to highlight low floor buses, but the whole fleet was now easy access.

Chairman David Mackay said: "The harlequin buses were an important addition at the time of transitioning to the new low-floor bus style.

"Now that we are moving to a new cityscape and looking ahead to the integrated environment for buses and trams, it is an appropriate juncture to refresh the nature and style of the Lothian Buses brand.

"We are delighted to see this crisp, classic yet elegant treatment, maximising the city's well known madder colour.

"It is an excellent design which will see us well into the future."

Managing director Ian Craig added: "One of the most regular requests from our passengers is to bring back the look of the classic buses, but with all the comfort and convenience of the new model fleet."

Specific branding will remain on buses on high-frequency routes such as the 3, 22, 26, 31 and 44.

The new colour scheme will also be rolled out to the city's tram system when finally introduced.