Lost wallet held £400 for pensioner’s own funeral

A PENSIONER who was saving to pay for his funeral had more than £400 stolen after he left his wallet in a busy shop.

Retired engineer John Murray, 69, put money aside to ease the burden on his family when he passed away. But he absent-mindedly left his wallet in a shop, Robert’s newsagents, as he bought a lottery ticket. He returned to Robert’s newsagent within minutes but the wallet and his savings were gone.

Mr Murray, of Tranent, East Lothian, said: "I just hope it’s another three or four years before I die so I can save some more. I suffered a stroke five years ago and at my age you never know how long you have got."

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He added: "I put money away when I can afford it because I want to pay for all the arrangements when I die. When it reaches about 500 I usually stick it in a post office account."

His son, bus driver Stuart, 36, said the family were still hopeful that the money may be handed back or that CCTV footage from the shop may be of assistance. He said: "Anyone finding 400 will think the person who can carry that kind of cash can afford to lose it but it’s not the case with my dad."

A police spokesman said: "We would urge anyone who has picked up this gentleman’s wallet to return it or if anyone knows who picked it up to get in touch with us."