Looking back at a week of Fringe madness

Trying desperately to see the end of this long, drunken tunnel that has been the last month.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the maddest, but also the best summer of my life.

I know I still have another five performances left until my thoughts should turn back to university and supposedly studying.

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So, before I’m forced to get my mind in gear, I’m going to reminisce back to last week, before embracing the second run of Murder At The Savoy.

I got a call from my new friend, Shappi Korsandi, inviting me for a drink at Gilded Balloon.

I arrived to find Shappi chatting to Rich Hall. She was discussing the prospect of having him officiate at her upcoming wedding – Rich is licensed to wed couples.

Following that, Shappi and I sat down and I was abruptly introduced to my first ‘gag-hag’. Apparently, this is a woman who hangs around comedians, much in the same way groupies hang around bands – all very amusing.

To top that I saw Beergut 100 (Bill Bailey’s band), of which one of the members is Shappi’s fiance, Christian. It was good fun, but the Loft Bar – on the roof of the Gilded Balloon – was slightly more so.

After the gig the bar was rammed with all sorts – Stewart Lee, Steve Coogan, Bill Bailey, Rich Hall, Alan Davies, Stephen K Amos and Hattie Hayridge.

Hattie Hayridge must be the first person at the Fringe of whom I have been in complete awe. I grew up with Red Dwarf as my staple, so seeing Hattie (who played Holly) was a trip back to being a teenager.

I expressed my admiration and she seemed genuinely pleased, unlike Steve Coogan who probably thought jumping from the roof may have been the better option.