Lockerbie: Al Megrahi release welcomed by victims' relatives

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TWO relatives of victims of the Lockerbie air disaster have welcomed the release of Abdel Basset al-Megrahi.

Martin Cadman and Jim Swire both reiterated their view that the Libyan was not guilty of the atrocity.

Martin Cadman, 84, who lives in Burnham Market, Norfolk and lost his son Bill, 32, in the bombing said the trial which convicted Al Megrahi was a "farce".

"I'm very pleased he has been released on compassionate grounds because I don't think he was the right person to be there anyway. It is just righting a wrong.

"Megrahi and Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah and others were accused together and Fhimah was not found guilty and Megrahi was, which didn't make sense. The trial was a farce.

"I think he was innocent and he was not involved.

"I don't believe he should have been in prison and I'm very pleased he will be back home with his family very soon."

Jim Swire, who lost his 23-year-old daughter Flora, has been vocal about his belief of Megrahi's innocence and had misgivings about the trial.

He said: "I don't believe for a moment that this man was involved in the way that he was found to have been involved.

"I feel despondent that the west and Scotland didn't have the guts to allow this man's second appeal to continue because I am convinced had they done so it would have overturned the verdict against him.

"It's a blow to those of us who seek the truth but it is not an ending. I think it is a splitting of the ways.

"As time goes by it will become clear that he had nothing to do with it."

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