Loch Rannoch Highland Club bullying staff, says union

Barry Fletcher, below, regional organiser of the GMB union, says some staff at the Rannoch resort are being bullied
Barry Fletcher, below, regional organiser of the GMB union, says some staff at the Rannoch resort are being bullied
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EMPLOYEES of an exclusive Highland luxury timeshare estate have made allegations of bullying and intimidation, one of Scotland’s largest unions has revealed.

A number of staff at the Loch Rannoch Highland Club (LRHC), in Kinloch Rannoch, near Pitlochry in Perthshire, claim they have been shouted at, humiliated and forced to work longer hours by some committee members who “strut around like pseudo Highland lairds” at the estate owned and run by its time-share owners.

Barry Fletcher

Barry Fletcher

The club is located in one of Scotland’s most stunning locations – overlooking Loch Rannoch and facing Schiehallion.

Barry Fletcher, regional org­aniser of the GMB union, said that workers from the club who recently joined the union told him they were afraid to speak out for fear of losing their jobs in a remote location where job opportunities are sparse.

Staff told Scotland on Sunday that they are considering picketing the LRHC’s AGM on 7 November in Stirling to draw attention to their plight.

The LRHC has 85 properties and approximately 2,200 weekly timeshare owners throughout the UK and overseas. The club has an elected owners’ committee which sets policy. It has three elected members recently supplemented by two co-opted members. The complaints centre round two members only.

The club, which has around 35 employees, has management on site reporting to the committee.

Fletcher said: “A number of people who have joined the GMB have spoken about bullying and harassment. They are scared for their jobs and are frightened to express their opinions. Some of those involved are young migrant workers from countries such as Hungary, Moldova and Spain. These people are on low wages and have to pay for their lodging. They also have to send money back home to their families and are desperate to keep their jobs.”

Fletcher said he has tried to contact the LRHC to discuss the situation.

He added: “I have written two letters to the Loch Rannoch Highland Club’s office, sent recorded delivery, asking to set up a meeting to discuss union recognition. I never got a response.

“My secretary has copies of these letters. These letters were sent around August and September.”

A spokesman for the Loch Rannoch Highland Club said: “No such complaint has been received by the club, either from the complainers or from a union on their behalf and there is no reason why any employee with a reasonable complaint of any conduct should be afraid of future prejudice in their employment arising from making such a complaint.”