Local Elections: Surprising places the Tories have gained in Scotland

Ruth Davidson will have reasons to smile tonight. Pic: SWNS
Ruth Davidson will have reasons to smile tonight. Pic: SWNS
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Ruth Davidson’s party is celebrating a number of breakthroughs

The SNP may have remained the largest party, with notable victories in Glasgow and Edinburgh leading to a declaration of a ‘sweeping victory’ from Nicola Sturgeon. But the story of the day could be the surge in support in some surprising areas for Ruth Davidson’s Conservative party. Here are just some of the eyebrow-raising wards where the Tories now have representation.

Ferguslie Park

This particular part of Paisley has an unenviable reputation for crime and social deprivation, and was named the most deprived area in the country. The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation gave the area the dubious honour after carrying out a study on the number of poverty stricken communities within council areas. It wouldn’t have been thought fertile ground for the Conservative Party, but John McIntrye secured enough preference votes to be elected to Renfrewshire Council.

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One of the biggest shocks of the day emerged early on this morning as rumours began to circulate that the Tories were neck and neck with the SNP in the East End Glasgow district of Shettleston. Those rumours proved well founded as Thomas Kerr, who is just 20, was elected to Glasgow City Council. The youngster could join as many as eight Tory colleagues as Glasgow, formerly a no-go area for Conservatives, appears to be more amenable to the message of Ruth Davidson’s party.


The starkness of the Tory surge was rarely more apparent than in this ward of Fife council, which elected a Conservative candidate for the first time. It was previously notable for being the home of Britain’s last remaining elected representative of the Communist Party.

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Wullie Clarke stood down as a councillor last year, and it is not yet known what he makes of his former area going at least partially blue.


Another Glasgow ward which will have Tory representation despite being officially a ‘Yes’ city at the referendum of 2014. It may have been the pockets of Labour strength, but the assumption is some surprising Tory seats like these have denied Nicola Sturgeon’s party an outright majority on Glasgow City Council.

Motherwell West

One of the more colourful Tory candidates was elected at the top of the bill in this North Lanarkshire ward. Young Conservative Meghan Gallacher will now try and put her ‘action plan’ into force on the council after her stunning win. Ms Gallacher took social media by storm after she was photographed at the count wearing a pair of fetching Union Jack high heels.