Local elections 2017 Live: Results from across the country

Counting gets underway. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Counting gets underway. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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THE results of local elections across Scotland will be announced later as counting gets under way, follow us throughout the day for all the updates from across the country.

19.25: The Results in Full

To get a better understanding of how the vote took shape in your area and beyond, you can find the results from every ward in the country here.

18.15: Final Tally

The votes have all been counted, and while vote share takes a bit longer to work out, we have our final tally of councillors across the country.

The SNP have 431 councillors, as we mentioned that is down slightly on the notional 2012 results. The Tories have added 164 seats to their tally and are now on 276.

Labour have lost 133 seats and now have 262 councillors, while the Lib Dems have 67, three less than in 2012.

There are 172 independent councillors, a slight fall from the high of 198 last time round.

18.00: SNP down slightly nationally

We can see the finish line as the final votes come in and it looks like the SNP are down seven councillors on the notional 2012 results. They will still win the most councillors by a huge margin though.

16.52: Some big news still to come

You may have noticed a slight slowdown, that’s because the counting is now no longer at a fever pitch, but we still have some big news to bring you, including on the final tallies for Glasgow, and how the national picture will emerge. We’re also working on publishing our constantly updating story which will tell you all the councillors elected in your ward.

16.00: SNP win in Edinburgh - full result

Mixed news so far from the SNP today, but the party will be cheered by news from the capital, where they have the largest number of seats.

The SNP have 19 councillors, Conservatives 18, Labour 12, Greens 8, Lib Dems 6

Nicola Sturgeon’s party will need to look for potential coalition partners.

15.40: Labour down to third in Edinburgh

Not been a good day for Kezia Dugdale’s party anywhere, but especially apparent in Scotland’s two biggest cities. The party, which was governing in a rare coalition with the SNP, have now fallen behind both the nationalists and the Conservative party into third place.

15.25: Tories in Ravenscraig

Some very surprising Tory gains in the country, we’ll have a full round-up soon, but for now here’s a report from Chris McCall, who is covering Glasgow and the West today.

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15.00: Greens in power?

The SNP look like falling short of their hoped-for overall majority on Glasgow City Council - but with a decent showing so far from the Green Party it seems they might still be able to form a workable administration. Still plenty of drama to come from Scotland’s biggest city.

14.40: Jubilant Conservatives set for second

Even a cursory glance at the Twitter feed of Ruth Davidson probably tells you all you need to know about how the Conservatives are feeling right now. They are making gains across the country, and while they will likely fall well short of the SNP in terms of most councillors, they will almost certainly come second. They will hope that momentum will carry them into the election next month.

14.15: Tories win in Perth and Kinross - full result

A big win for the Tories in Perth and Kinross, where they are targeting the seat of Pete Wishart at the upcoming General Election.

The party has gained seven seats and are now the largest party on 17. The SNP lost two seats and are now on 15, with the Lib Dems on four and Labour on one. There are three independents on the council.

14.10: SNP largest party in Moray - full result

Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP are the largest party on Moray council, but the share of the vote breakdown will cheer Ruth Davidson’s Tories as they target the equivalent seat at next month’s General Election.

The SNP lost one seat from 2012 and are now on nine. The Conservatives gained five to sit on eight, and Labour lost two and now just have one councillor. There are now eight independents on the council.

14.00: Rare good news for Labour in Inverclyde - full result

Labour have held on as the largest party in Inverclyde after the SNP failed to capitalise on a fall in their vote.

Labour have ran as a minority administration since 2012, and that could continue even though they fell from 11 councillors to eight. The SNP stayed the same on seven, with four independents (up from one), two Tories and one Lib Dem.

13.35: Big Tory gains in Aberdeen - full result

More signs pointing to a Tory resurgence in the North East. The SNP have overtaken Labour as the largest party on Aberdeen City Council, with 19 seats, up three from 2012. Labour have seen their representation halved after five years running the council, falling from 18 seats to 9.

The Lib Dems went from five seats to four, while a big day for the Tories saw them gain eight councillors to leave them sitting as the second largest bloc.

12.55: Tories win in South Ayrshire

The Tories currently run South Ayrshire Council in an unofficial coalition with Labour, and look set to continue that arrangement after the results were counted.

There are 28 councillors, down from 30 after a boundary review. The Tories gained two to win 12 seats, the SNP stay the same on nine, while Labour lost four and are now on five councillors.

Two independents were re-elected in the area.

12.40: More on Labour defeat in Glasgow

The decades-long domination is ended. Our story

12.30: Tory plans changing in the North East?

Ruth Davidson’s party are buoyed by the results so far in the North East of the country, and will be looking ahead to the General Election confident that their message is getting through as they target a number of SNP seats in that area.

The Conservatives have at least one Councillor in every declared war so far in Aberdeenshire, and are represented in all but two of the wards so far in neighbouring Aberdeen City.

12.00: Update - Labour lose control of Glasgow City Council

The biggest news of the day by far - the Labour party’s near 40-year reign at the city chambers looks set to end as initial results show the party now can’t win an overall majority.

11.55: First full council results in

Just like in the Independence Referendum, the counters at Clackmannanshire Council have won the race to be the first to completely declare.

The central Scotland local authority has 18 councillors, and with all the results in it looks like Labour are the big losers of the day.

The SNP stayed static with 8 councillors, Labour lost 3 and now have 5, and the Tories gained 4 seats to finish on 5 councillors too.

The horse-trading will now begin in earnest, with the SNP (who have refused to do any deals with the Tories) relying on Labour support to take control of the administration.

11.30: Tories notch wins in surprising areas

It is already looking like a Conservative surge could be the story of the morning, as Ruth Davidson’s party look set to make gains in some surprising wards.

They topped the poll in Motherwell West and in a stunning result, look to have gained a seat in the previously alien territory of Shettleston in Glasgow’s East End.

11.10: “Rubbish Party” candidate elected

We do love a candidate who offers something a bit different from the usual party politics. Step forward Sally Cogley, who has just won a seat in East Ayrshire representing ‘The Rubbish Party’ which campaigns on ending fly-tipping and cleaning up dog muck.

Ms Cogley, who now represents Irvine Valley, did have one of the better slogans of this campaign: “Vote Sally for a better Valley.”

11.00: Results coming thick and fast

Ward-by-ward results are coming in across the country, and we will do our best to give you an overview of how council control is potentially shaping up - our aim in this blog isn’t to give you each ward as its announced, although we will publish our complete list of results when they are complete.

10.50: SNP v Tory battle heats up in Aberdeenshire

Banff and Buchan has a large SNP majority in the Westminster seat, but the Tories believe they have an outside chance of nicking the seat reckoned to have the highest proportion of Scots backing Brexit.

Aberdeenshire counts will be worth a watch today, then, and the first results from Banff and District show a seat each for the Tories, the SNP, and an Independent.

10.40: Bad morning already for Labour

Some, though not all, local councils in England were up for grabs last night, and the early results show that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party are in for a torrid time.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell was already partly blaming the huge swing to the Conservatives on the negative media coverage of his beleaguered leader, which is a sure fire sign that things are not going well across England and Wales for Mr Corbyn.

Some brighter spots are expected later in the day with mayoral elections in Liverpool and Manchester expected to be hailed by the party as a sign things aren’t all bad.

10.25: All counting now underway

Unlike the overnight counts, there will be little delay this morning as all 32 local authorities have got their counting underway. The SNP are already feeling bullish at the Glasgow count at the Emirates Arena, according to our reporter on the ground there Chris McCall.

10.07: Welcome and background

Voters went to the polls on Thursday to elect 1,227 councillors across the country’s 32 local authorities.

The ballot will determine which political parties can form council administrations either by securing majority or minority control, or by agreeing coalition deals.

The election uses the single transferable vote (STV) system, which asks voters to rank candidates in order of preference, with three or four councillors being elected to serve any one ward.

Counting of the ballots is expected to get under way at around 9am on Friday with the first results expected at about lunchtime.

A fuller picture should emerge by late afternoon, however it could take several days for coalition administrations to be formed.

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The local government election took place just five weeks before the General Election, and will provide an indication of support ahead of the Westminster poll.

The SNP is hoping to oust Labour from power in Glasgow City Council - Scotland’s largest local authority - where their rivals have been in charge since the authority was set up more than 20 years ago.

After winning overall control of two of Scotland’s 32 local authorities in 2012, the nationalists are also seeking to increase the number of town halls which are under their command.

The Scottish Conservatives will aim to build on their success at last year’s Holyrood election which saw leader Ruth Davidson win a constituency seat in Edinburgh.

The Tories, who returned one councillor in Glasgow in 2012, will also hope to boost their numbers there after returning two regional MSPs for the city in the 2016 Holyrood poll.

The Liberal Democrats and Greens - who are fielding a record number of candidates in Scotland - are also hoping to make gains.

Meanwhile polls have warned that Labour, which won a majority in four councils five years ago, could be facing ‘’heavy losses.