Liberal Britain may have ‘reached a point of plateau’

Two men are exchanging vows on their wedding day.
Two men are exchanging vows on their wedding day.
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Liberal Britain may have reached its peak, with a consistent percentage of the population steadfastly uncomfortable with same-sex relationships and sex out of wedlock, a bellwether report has suggested.

Research conducted as part of the British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey signalled that the country has “reached a point of plateau”, where acceptance of those not fitting within “conventional norms” appears to have levelled off.

But researchers predict there is “still some way to go” in terms of people’s attitudes towards members of the transgender community.

Figures show more than four-fifths of the population state they are “not prejudiced at all” towards transgender people.

But less than half said they viewed prejudice against transgender people as “always” wrong, while six per cent said it was “rarely” or “never” wrong.