Letters: Climate camp highlights RBS's actions

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I HOPE your readers are aware that, if they are successful, the logical outcome for the climate change activists, with their campaign against what they term "dirty oil", would be closure of the North Sea oil industry and the destruction of the economy of the greater Aberdeen region, and much else besides in our engineering sectors elsewhere.

I was surprised that in the many interviews I heard and read, this consequence was never put to them. Nor was one protester, questioned on a radio programme about his claim that the flooding in Pakistan was a result of climate change, something that to my knowledge no scientist has ever claimed.

We are, of course, now reaping what we have sown - the elevation of doubtful science, that the climate is undergoing profound change due to humankind's activities, to the level of a religious belief, with such belief carrying a licence for self-righteous zealots to impose their views on the rest of us. As well as an economic recession, it appears we are suffering from an intellectual one as well.

Jim Sillars

Grange Loan



What, if anything, has been the impact of the Climate Change Camp (your report, 24 August)? According to an RBS spokesperson: "The impact of this on our customers and operations is negligible to nil."

Drawing attention to the operations of RBS, particularly with regard to its funding of dirty oil exploration in different parts of the world, has been worth every minute of protest.

The RBS website has a small section on carbon off-setting where it suggests recycling and switching off your lights. This seems somewhat farcical when it is investing heavily on carbon intensive fossil fuel development.

The RBS website also states that "Most of the world's leading scientist and politicians agree that 'greenhouse gasses' are causing climate change".

This sounds like a complete "green wash" to appease climate change activists and concerned citizens.

Sorry, RBS, but you will have to do a lot more to convince me of your green credentials and that you are even beginning to recognise the impact that your investments are having on our beleaguered planet.

Shian Randall

Easter Road



You would think that if the eco protesters were really concerned about global warming and the devastating effect which it has on poor people in third world countries, they would immediately leave their comfortable campsite at Gogarburn and head for China or Pakistan to give practical and financial support and comfort to those who are suffering as a result of the disasters there.

Graham Speirs

Dirleton Avenue

North Berwick