Letter: Golden girls

As one who will be conscripted into the "grey army" later this year, I read with great pleasure your feature "Return of the Golden Girl".

May I offer some corrections and comments? Mary Marquis was a continuity announcer on Grampian Television (not Border Television) when it began in 1961. If I recall correctly Border Television did not start transmission until 1963.

Grampian was renowned for its local productions and use of onscreen continuity announcers. Among Ms Marquis's colleagues at this time was another lady who could have easily earned her place in your Top 10 - June Imray, "the Torry Quine", now better known for her humorous representation of the north-east of Scotland in song and verse. Other announcers on this station were Douglas Kynoch and Jimmy Spankie.

When Ms Marquis began presenting BBC Scotland's evening new programme it was originally called Six-Ten. The name Reporting Scotland was adopted later.

Ms Marquis also presented an undeservedly short-lived late night Saturday chat show Saturday Round About Sunday on BBC Scotland, which I well remember for the super guitar instrumental signature tune by McHaffie's Four.

Another lady who should not be forgotten is Isobel James, who graced our screens at a very young age with her gifted dancing on The White Heather Club.

Russell Cowe

By Newton

West Lothian