Kirky resident is angry his wife's hospital appointment has been cancelled

The European Championships cycle time trial, which will be using local roads tomorrow are set to impact on postal deliveries and hospital appointments.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde maintain the road race has had no effect on hospital outpatient appointments at the new Stobhill Hospital.

The Herald heard from one reader last week, who contacted us to complain that a sporting event was dictating treatment for his wife.

Sandy Wilson emailed us to say that his disabled wife had a re-scheduled appointment at Stobhill Hospital, but that she had now received a telephone call cancelling that appointment as a direct result of the time trials.

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The Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson has said: “A successful travel plan involving hundreds of thousands of people and numerous sporting and cultural events requires patience and understanding.”

Now Royal Mail have announced that there is a high likelihood that mail will not be delivered or collected as a result of road closures affecting postal staff carrying out their normal business.

A spokesman said: “We will be attempting to deliver mail to all customers but this might arrive later than usual. If we are unable to deliver on Wednesday all mail due to customers will be delivered on Thursday. All our customer service points at our delivery offices will be open as normal.”

A spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “The clinic the patient was due to attend had to be rescheduled due to staff sickness.

“Patients are being contacted this week to reschedule their appointments.

Prior to the cancellation, staff contacted patients across a number of services and advised them to plan journeys accordingly as a result of the European Championships.”

Mr Wilson responded claiming: “What absolute nonsense! Because my wife has been waiting for this appointment since April, and it had already been cancelled once, we asked the hospital specifically why it was being cancelled again. We were told quite emphatically it was because of the road race.”