Kirkcaldy MSP and pet in bid to win Holyrood dog contest

Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance has launched a bid to win this year’s Holyrood Dog of the Year, with his four-legged friend Buster.


The two-year-old Golden Retriever, Buster, will compete with other politicians and their pooches in the hope of being crowned top dog.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes, regardless of breed, creed or ‘pawlitical’ persuasion, will be competing for the title alonside their MSP owners.

While there will be a judging panel, there is also a public vote, in which David and Buster are asking for voters to show their support online.

The judging panel to determine which dog wins the crown includes Paula Boyden, Veterinary Director at Dogs Trust, Bill Lambert, Senior Health and Welfare Manager at the Kennel Club, and special guest judge Maurice Golden, MSP. The competition starts at 10am on Monday, April 29, at the Scottish Parliament Gardens.

Organised jointly by the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust, the competition aims to promote responsible dog ownership and encourage open dialogue on dog welfare issues in Scotland, as well as providing an opportunity for MSPs to meet with dog welfare experts to discuss all aspects of the canine world.

This year’s competition will raise awareness of the negative impact that fireworks can have on dog welfare, and how both dog owners and non-dog owners can help reduce this.

Mr Torrance said: “Buster has a fantastic nature and character and he loves going for long walks in the outdoors, which benefits us both.

“Buster is also a real ambassador for his breed; he regularly attends Scout Camps and plays a special and vital role in reassuring and comforting members of the group who are on the autistic spectrum.

“We’re looking forward to Holyrood Dog of the Year, it will be a great opportunity to highlight the importance of both dog owners and non-dog owners recognising the impact of fireworks on dogs, and more generally the essential work MSPs are doing to improve dog welfare.”

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