Judith Ralston keeps the temperature hot

SHE may be an unlikely pin-up but BBC weather girl Judith Ralston is setting temperatures soaring among a dedicated band of online fans.

• SPECS APPEAL: BBC weather girl Judith Ralston has been praised for her 'dominatrix' style by a Facebook appreciation group

The Edinburgh-born presenter is fast becoming an internet hit, with creators of a Facebook tribute site describing her presenting style as "dominatrix".

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It currently has 618 "fans", who analyse her on-screen performance and dress sense, with the aim of getting "Judith to 1000 before Christmas".

No-one is more surprised about her following than the 43-year-old herself.

She said: "I couldn't believe it - at my age! It's flattering and hilarious.

"There's a few of us at work and I'm the oldest. You would expect it to be the young things getting all the attention. I got the shock of my life. I'm just a working mum."

• Judth Ralston... in the fans' words

Mrs Ralston, who has an eight-year-old son and is pregnant with twins, was contacted by the creators of the page - two men in their early 20s - earlier this year to inform her of the fan site.

She said: "They're really sweet. I was invited to one of their birthdays last Sunday. They send me wee messages every now and then."

Mrs Ralston's look is one of the main talking points on the Facebook page, with fans giving detailed comments on her clothes and even suggesting items she would look good in.

A message on the fan page, written by the creators, reads: "This page is for us all to show our support to the wonderful Judith Ralston who presents the weather on BBC Scotland.

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"Your fab look and dominatrix style make the weather bulletins far more enjoyable."

Mrs Ralston, a former head girl of St Augustine's RC High in Edinburgh, started out her career as an opera singer but was forced to give it up when she suffered a vocal collapse. She then embarked on a radio career which saw her present everything from news, weather and travel to classical music.

She has been working as a TV weather girl for the past two years.

She says the job has made her fascinated by the weather and she gets a real "buzz" out of presenting it, especially at the moment when the conditions have become a national talking point.

Her love of all things weather-related have even taken over her personal life after marrying meteorologist Fraser Ralston last year. She said: "I get a real meteorological buzz out of it. We are briefed by the Met Office and write our own scripts. We bridge the gap between the scientific end and the public end."