Joke of the Week by Benny Boot

Benny Boot
Benny Boot
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Benny Boot will be appearing at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the Udderbelly’s Pasture.

Joke: Fear public speaking? Imagine your audience with clothes on. More clothes. HEAPS MORE. Now it’s like you’re just talking to a pile of laundry.

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Following last year’s sell-out show, this year Benny (seen on Dave’s One Night Stand) pre-empts his imminent fame by recording a TV special live from the 2013 Edinburgh Festival. However, the stakes are high as he’s not been given the green light from the television networks. Benny continually blurs the line between reality and hyper-reality as he delivers another unique hour of cleverly-crafted jokes for his brand new comedy show.

“Gag for gag, Benny Boot is probably one of the best joke writers in the country... some of the most imaginative, perverse and downright clever routines I’ve heard at the festival so far.” (Jay Richardson, The Scotsman}